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R.T.A. Accionamiento abierto ADW 06.V ( with Intelligent Speed Controller )

( 24 - 75 VDC 1.9 - 6.0 Amp ) con conectores tipo tornillo


1 unid. : 199.20 €

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2-5 uds. : 161.00 €

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ADW 06.V model is based on an open-frame hardware (122 x 93.5 x 25 mm). It is equipped with screw-type connectors, separated for power and logic sections. It is able to drive motors up to 6 Amps nominal current and it is the perfect choice for mid-power applications.

ADW is the name of the new series of stepping motor drives specifically developed by R.T.A. to meet the needs of a wide range of applications requiring flexibility and precision in the regulation of motor rotational speed.

The drive integrates a solution of advanced speed control called Intelligent Speed Controller, which allows the adjustment in a continuous way by means an Analog Signal or choosing from one of the 64 pre-setting of full scale between limit values low or high speed. Moreover, the intelligent management of the current profile with adaptive microstepping provides smoothness of movement with reduction of acoustic noise and vibration. The drive has an additional feature Autostop, which blocks motor rotation in an automatic way to reach the minimum value set speed.

Such features make the drive suitable to replace the coventional system composed by the inverter and asynchronous motor for the control of the movement of conveyor belts, providing a wider and more precise speed range and smaller dimensions of the complete system.

ADW is characterized by an operating voltage of medium power (up to 75 VDC), maximum compactness and quiet operation. All models are equipped with chopper systems featuring high performance mosfet power stage and protection for short circuit, over voltage and temperature.


* Version: open frame drive in 122 x 93.5 x 25 mm, equipped with screw-type connectors.
* Range of operating voltage: 24-75 VDC.
* Range of current: 1.9-6 Amp. Easy setting of values by means of a dip-switch.
* Wide speed range: 0.8 rpm to 2,000 rpm. Continous operation zone up to approx 400 rpm, depending on motor choice.
* 64 internally selectable preset speed.
* 0-5Vdc or 0-10Vdc selectable analog command range.
* Low & High-speed motion profile.
* Adjustable internal acceleration/deceleration ramp.
* Voltage source for potentiometer available at connector.
* Auto-stop function.
* All opto-insulated digital inputs.
* Sync-out for multi-Axis synchronization.
* Over-voltage, short-circuit and thermal protection.
* Warranty: 24 months.